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Merry Christmas! ☆

Hi everybody! Long time no see!
We are sorry we have not updated recently!!

It seems Christmas has come round again already!
Want to know how Kotaro, Koume and Koharu are enjoying Christmas this year? Here is a taste!

We hope that you all have a great Christmas ♪
Merry Christmas! ☆

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Koume’s stay in Sannomiya

During the 3-day weekend we had in September, Koume stayed without the other dogs at the home of one of our members of staff, Ito.
Separated from the comforting Kotaro, at first Koume was constanting trembling. But, in the morning, we went out for a walk…

It was her first time in this park so she was interested in many things. 🙂 Before long she was surrounded by tall grass↓

Koume:So relaxing♪

This park, called Minato No Mori Park, is about 10 minutes away from Sannomiya station in Kobe.
It is a restoration memorial park for the Great Hanshin Earthquake that struck this area in 1995.
In the aftermath of the earthquake, this park was also been established as a “disaster prevention park”.

◆ Rubble from buildings that collapsed during the quake.

◆ Emergency temporary toilet (this toilet can quickly be used by setting up a simple tent and lifting the lid)
Thanks to the underground set-up, many people can use these at once without the fear of the system become blocked.)

Koume:There’s lots of toilets

(Emergency supplies)

We had walked quite a bit so decided to head for the exit. As they were doing so, Koume seemed to sense something was up and stopped moving. It seems as if she didn’t want to go home with me!

Koume:No! I’m still playing here!

Little by little she got used to being with me and was able to loosen up.

From Ito
Editor, Kotaro’s blog

〔Photos : Ito〕

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